Sketching in Hardware 10, LAX Theme Building Los Angeles International Airport, USA

The following is a list of presenters, and presentations at Sketching in Hardware 2010, in the order that they were presented.

Mike Kuniavsky Intro: Information is a Material, ThingM PDF : 455K PPTX : 12.1M
Mark Gross Design Languages and Compilers for Personal Manufacturing Carnegie Mellon University PDF : 16.7M KEY : 72M
Rob Faludi ZIG: Easy Internet for Objects, School of Visual Arts PDF : 5.3M
Jason K. Johnson Firefly: bidirectional communication between Arduino and Rhino Future Cities Lab PDF : 8.9M
Shigeru Kobayashi 1. An overview of recent activities in Japan. 2. Possible ways to expand (or interconnet) prototyping toolkits International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS] PDF : 11.3M
Barney Haynes & Jennifer Parker SonicSENSE California College of the Arts, University of California - Santa Cruz PDF : 137.5M KEY : 548M
Peter Dokter & Ryan Owens Expansion in DIY Sparkfun Electronics PDF : 3.6M
Julian Bleecker Design Fiction Goes From Props to Prototypes Nokia Design, Near Future Laboratory
Axel Mulder Musical Instrument Building with I-cubeX Infusion Systems PDF : 550K KEY : 49.7M
Grace Kim Making Wearables Wearable PDF : 42.5M KEY : 83.4M
Fred Martin Three Design Stories: From Concept to Prototype to ... ? University of Massachusetts - Lowell Google Docs
Liz Arum Microcontrollers, Circuits and Hitting Each Other with Sticks: Teaching Middle School Hackers, Saint Ann's School - Brooklyn Mixed Media : 101.1M
Liam Staskawicz Open Consumer Hardware Sifteo, Making Things PDF : 2.2M KEY : 217K
James Tichenor & Joshua Walton Space is the Place: Environmental Choreography Systems Rockwell Group Lab PDF : 5.2M KEY : 88M
Jasper Speicher Economies of Fail: Values and Choices in Sketching Tellart PDF : 2.2M
Carla Diana The Challenges of Designing for NUI, Smart Design PDF : 9.5M
Dave Vondle A Case Study on Techniques of Iterative Prototyping in Design IDEO
Wendy Ju & Bjoern Hartmann Reverse Engineering By Demonstration, California College of the Arts,, University of California - Berkeley PDF : 17.4M
Dave Mellis Expansion of open-source hardware / sketching in hardware beyond circuit boards to more general-interest consumer electronic devices, MIT Media Lab, Arduino PDF : 7.7M KEY : 19.1M
Pamela Jennings Constructs: 802.15.4 wireless construction kit, National Science Foundation
Justin Bakse & Greg Schomburg Brand New School The Studio for Interactive Media  
Robert Hutchins Special Effects and The All Purpose Blinky Board Mixed Media : 22.9M
Ed Bennett The application of sustainable inventory in mechatronic art education School of the Art Institute of Chicago PDF : 29M PPT : 30M
Michael Shiloh Breadboards Teach me to Make Mixed Media : 8M
Ellen Do Sketching Wellness Computing Georgia Tech PDF : 2.3M
Dave Merill Breadboard to Best Buy: Why don't more DIY products go big? Sifteo PDF : 2M KEY : 1.9M
Christopher Palmer The mysterious breadboard, beginner's woes, and we all learned with springs so...what in the hell?, San Francisco Art Institute PDF : 6.8M PPT : 7.1M
Nicolai Marquardt Prototyping Physical User Interfaces: Visibility, Multiplicity, and Openness, University of Calgary PDF : 66.7M PPTX : 221.4M
Tod Kurt Hacking USB HID for Easy Tethered Ubicomp, ThingM PDF : 2.8M
Philip Van Allen NETLab Toolkit Future Directions, Art Center College of Design PDF : 3.1M
Eric Paulos Materializing Energy, Carnegie Mellon PDF : 38.4M
Alicia Gibb Hardware is Hard and Other Lessons From Sketching Systemically, Bug Labs PDF : 1.9M KEY : 10.7M
Anders Sandell Hand Made and Manufactured, Collaborations with Craft Communities Tank & Bear, Srishti School of Art and Design PDF : 21.5M
Kipp Bradford We all live in a (instrumented) yellow submarine: A cry for help Kippworks, Brown University
Monica Anderson University of Alabama
Nick Villar Getting it Out Microsoft Research
Nwanua Elumeze Simplicity Aniomagic, University of Colorado PDF : 10.7M
Eric Schweikardt Hot Oil, Cold Steel, and Free Money Modular Robotics PDF : 2.2M
Ed Baafi Presentation_Name Modkit, MIT Media Lab